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Puerto Rico General Distributing Co.

Medical Supplies

Please allow me to introduce Puerto Rico General Distributing Company, PRGD and myself, Tino Arias, President.

 For the past 27 years I have developed globally with consumer product companies such as Procter and Gamble, GlaxoSmithKline Beecham and Alberto Culver Company. Based out of Puerto Rico, I held increasing executive responsibilities developing solid commercial relationships throughout Latin America and the Caribbean. In 2001, I engaged in the integration of business development programs for the industries of health & beauty care, gaming and leisure, beauty products and healthcare in Puerto Rico, the Caribbean and Latin America. Utilizing these experiences has allowed me the opportunity to create a company with the focus and objectives for these industries.

PRGD Company is a fully integrated volume Distribution Company located in the San Juan Metro area of Puerto Rico that sells medical, surgical and dental products to Surgical Centers, Clinics and Hospital chains. We service the acute care, outpatient, clinical, private practice and medical tourism sectors. To develop programs for this unique market, PRGD has on staff a team of veteran employees drawn from local institutions as well as foreign talent. The members of our team have had successful careers prior to joining PRGD and their inclusion will ensure PRGD’s success.

Puerto Rico is the geographic size of the state of Connecticut, yet the exponential growth of the medical field has secured our business model for years to come. With over 75 acute care hospitals and the ever growing amount of pharmacies and clinics growth is guaranteed. Puerto Rico boasts over $2 billion in annual healthcare expenditures. Puerto Rico is one of the leading countries in per capita expenditures within the Western Hemisphere and the fastest growing Latin American market. The population on the island is about 4 million according to the last census, with over another 7 million (floating population) arriving through airports and cruise ships. This cumulative figure can attest to the rising number of beds needed to service this sector.

This market growth has forced the reconstitution and repositioning of the local hospitals engaging these into forced expansion or extinction. PRGD has had the foresight to fuel the segments growth by developing brands strategically aligned into this market trend. We currently have a business footprint and relationships with key decision makers all over the island.

PRGD has relationships with owners of the most successful hospitals and clinical healthcare facilities assisting in the distribution /supply relationship process and our company prides itself in maintaining goals of excellence based on character, capacity and credible business impact. Furthermore, PRGD has (OTIF) on time in full deliveries. Our innovations and thirst for perfection are the key drivers that make us successful. Attached is a presentation of our Company and a portion of the market served. To this extent, we cordially invite you and your colleagues to visit us here in Puerto Rico to further understand our approach in the market.


Tino Arias
Puerto Rico General Distributing Co., LLC

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Warehouse Plaza I Lot 26
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